Small Focus for switching between independent groups such as work and private


I use OmniFocus 2 on iOS (Pro) an Mac.
The main two folders (groups) I use it for is work and private.
The Pro update on iOS allows me to use custom perspectives.
As of now I have one perspective for work and one for private.
The idea behind this is that I can hide work at home and private at work.

A problem is that navigating in the hierarchy is not possible that way. (as of my knowledge)
Leaving me with a long list of expanded projects, because it’s just a broad “focus”.

I was hoping that custom perspectives would allow me to quickly select a folder.

Is there a better way to minimally “focus” on a large group of projects?
The folder/project hierarchy should be useable.
Ideally only contexts fitting to the selected group will be selectable.

Hi @das_Iro, I’m sorry I don’t quite understand the problem you’re describing. Could you email us with a bit more information? Screenshots would be very helpful as well!

To capture a screenshot on a Mac, ⌘⇧4 (command-shift-4) will give you a selection cursor to click and drag over your window. The resulting screenshot will save to your desktop and can be attached to an email.

To take a screenshot on an iOS device press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top of the device, then immediately press and release the Home button. The screenshot is added to the Camera Roll in the Photos app. You should then be able to attach it to an email. To do that, touch and hold in the body of the email and select Insert Photo or Video from the contextual menu and select the photo. Or, to send the photo to your computer you can use the camera application on your iOS device to email the photo to yourself, then attach it to an email there.