Small helper background application (for Quick Entry)?

From what I’ve found, it seems that creating items with Quick Entry isn’t possible without OmniFocus being open. There are scripts, but waiting for OF to open beforehand, when wanting to use Quick Entry, takes such a long time. Keeping OF open all day—as well as constantly looking to make sure you didn’t quit it by accident—is very tedious.

At the moment, I’m using Evernote as my OmniFocus inbox, since Evernote can be closed and you can still add quick notes. At the end of the day, I open up Evernote to copy the items to OmniFocus. I don’t use Evernote for other things—only as my OF inbox. Yes, this works, but I still have to use another application for a crucial feature OmniFocus still doesn’t have. :(

Why doesn’t OmniFocus have a menu bar helper (especially for Quick Entry)? Or just something to make Quick Entry work without OmniFocus needing to be opened?

I use Alfred to accomplish this and other issues I have with Omnifocus 2. See here

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It works, but you still have to wait 3-4 seconds for OmniFocus to open.

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Shawn Blanc has Oopsie Focus which means if you hit the keyboard shortcut to add to OF and it’s not running it will open it for you. Personally I leave OF running all day and have this as my backup.


Same here. Created something similar to Oopsie so long ago I did not even remember.

Yes, these scripts work, but only if you habitually keep OmniFocus open all the time (and accidentally closed it). If you close your apps after using them, like many people, it means that these scripts will result in having to wait 3-4 seconds for OmniFocus to open every time you want to use Quick Entry.

I don’t understand why users should have to rely on scripts for one of the most important features of OmniFocus (Quick Entry). Why isn’t there a small helper application to make Quick Entry work in the background (like so many applications)?

I have the same issue with Fantastical 2. I need to launch Fantastical if I want the menubar app running. But now that SSDs are fast and MacOS is getting better at memory management, leaving OmniFocus and Fantastical open doesn’t really bother me. Any time I buy a new computer, I always shoot for minimum 16 GBs of RAM just to be on the safe side.

I don’t always quit OmniFocus and Fantastical. I’ll just hit Command-H to hide the app. Or I’ll put these apps in fullscreen mode and put it in its desktop space.

To automatically hide OmniFocus and Fantastical, I use Hocus Focus ( donation-ware) to hide certain apps when they lose focus (go to the background). I don’t worry about quitting apps nowadays. I will quit all apps if I am doing intensive video encoding. Otherwise, it stays open.

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There’s an option in Fantastical to not have it in the dock:


(Thanks for the Hocus Focus app.)

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I’ll continue using Evernote for my Quick Entry inbox then. Please consider adding an OmniFocus helper for Quick Entry eventually. Kind regards.

You need to email support for them to consider feature requests :)

I use the app Keyboard Maestro to set up macros that keep checking that certain apps are open, and if not, to reopen them. There’s also a way of using the app LaunchControl to create scripts to do that, that I used to use, but I found that I kept forgetting the technical knowledge to do so.