SMS to Omnifocus inbox

I want to SMS message tasks to Omnifocus by sending messages to the inbox email address, and have the Subject of the message show up as the task title, and the text show up as the task note.

Through experimentation I have found that that if I turn on “subject field” in iMessage settings, then put exactly the same text (eg. “Make birthday cake”) in the subject field and the text field, then I get a task in the Inbox that a task titled “Make birthday cake” and also ‘Make birthday cake” in the text field of the task.

However, if I put “Make birthday cake” in either the subject or text fields of the SMS, then “Make birthday cake only shows in the task note field, and the title of the task is always “Message from”.

Thoughts? It would be also ace to be able to include projects or tags in SMS as well

I don’t know if you’ll be able to do this fully using sms.

But: you could use the syntax and the inbox auto parser to further enhance this?

Adding the elements described here by @timstringer

and @joebuhlig

I could imagine you texting with the format described:

–[[title]] @Context ::Project //[[body]]

	“–“ sets the name of the task.
	The “!” after the task name is what sets the flag.
	“@“ sets the context.
	“::” sets the project.
	The first “#” sets the defer date.
	The second “#” sets the due date. If only one “#” exists, Omnifocus assumes it’s a due date.
	“$” sets the time estimation.
	“//“ sets the note for the task.


–Fix bathroom wiring! @After Hours ::House/Car - SA #friday #next monday $30 min //It’s driving me crazy.

If you have the script running it will then parse the item into a working task.

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Thanks for the tip. I tried installing the script and testing using a text message. But does not seem to work. That said, I could have installed script incorrectly.

I’ve left a message on Joe’s github site to see if he can help. It may be an issue texting to the maildrop email address instead of emailing to it.

If you email to it instead of texting, does the script work then?

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