SOLVED: Apple Watch showing zero items (except Inbox, strangely)

Now that I have a Watch, first things I installed on it were Fantastical and OmniFocus.

However, am having problem with OmniFocus. On iOS, I’m seeing my overdue, due today and due soon tasks in the Today widget but I’m seeing 0, 0, 0 on the Watch app. If I add and delete things in Inbox (either via iPhone or via Watch) these show up OK but not the tasks.
(EDIT: The part at the bottom of the watch screen showing what the iPhone app is showing now seems to work although I’ve not used it much yet - the lack of tasks is the main worry right now)

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled OmniFocus both on the iPhone and on the Watch. Didn’t help.

Please help. In this mode, it’s near-useless, apart from creating Inbox tasks.

Update: Raised this as a support call and I now have the answer.

For the iPhone and Watch apps to see each other they both need the same Date/Time settings so that they both show either 12hr or 24hr but not a mixture (I had the phone on 24hr and the Watch on 12hr).
I had to restart the Watch to get the app to reload but all good now.

Hope this helps anyone else with the same problem.