[SOLVED] How to access OmniFocus Automation/Plugins on iPhone

I have what may end up being a dumb question, but it’s not obvious to me. I’ve been using the new OF automation features and plugins on Mac and iPad. They are great. I want to access them on iPhone, but I can’t figure out how. The icon for the console shows up at the bottom of some view, the plugin I need is right there available to me. However, the console icon does not appear on the screen once l I navigate into a project and when I select a task. So is there a way I can access and run a plugin that works on selected tasks? Thank you.

The Share icon in the top right (or the Share option in the Contextual Menu) should both give you access to plugins on the screens that don’t have the main Automation icon.

Hope that helps!


It did. Don’t know why I didn’t discover that myself, which makes me doubly grateful for your response.

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