Solved: How to make a text box that creates a new box below with command+enter?

I downloaded a UML stencil that allows you to create new text boxes below with E,W magnets using command + enter

I was wondering how this works, and how one could build it from scratch?


That’s a Table.

You can make a Table in OG by creating the first shape (so, in this case, the rectangle that says Class) and then selecting it and choosing Arrange > Make Table from the menu (or hitting ⇧⌘T). Then you can either drag the Table handles on each edge to grow the Table or you can use ⌘Enter to create a new row.

I believe you’ll have to add the magnets manually.

Ah of course, thank you so much for the information. This works perfectly and is exactly what I was looking for. If the magnets are added before ⌘ + Enter they persist through to the new rows, it’s great.