SOLVED: Moving OF archive to a new Mac

I am setting up a new Mac without using the migration assistant.

I am using the OF 4 Test Flight and occasionally launch OF 3.

In the past, I remember needing to manually copy over my OF archive file from my old Mac to the new one, but I don’t remember the details.

What is the file I am looking for and where is it located? Or, more generally, how do I copy my OF archive to the new Mac?

Thank you!

I found the file. There’s a weird wrinkle though.

In ~/Library/Containers is what appears to be multiple folders, all named OmniFocus.

But, in the Get Info panel the folders display different names:


Note that these all appear in Finder as ‘OmniFocus’ and are not sorted alongside containers like ‘com.omnigroup.GraffleLayout’.

Within the com.omnigroup.OmniFocus3 (aka OmniFocus) folder the path is:
Data/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/Archive.ofocus-archive

I’ve updated my ‘New Mac Setup Notes’ accordingly.


The easy way to do this in OmniFocus is to go to File > Show Backups in Finder. That opens a Finder (or in my case, Path Finder) window with your OF backup files. If you then go one folder up in the hierarchy, you’ll find Archive-ofocus.archive, which is your archive file.

Slightly faster is to hold down the option key when selecting the File menu; the Show Backups item becomes Show “OmniFocus.ofocus” in Finder, and selecting that opens the file with your active OF file and your archive.


Thank you @brianogilvie! Those methods are a lot easier and less error-prone than finding it manually.