[Solved] Need simpler color selection interaction

The Omnigraffle color selection UI for stroke / fill / text seems to be a half-implemented feature (the color picker drop-down) due to an expectation that we use the Mac color picker, however there is incomplete support for using the color picker (must go through the unnecessarily cumbersome process of clicking ‘Other’ in the drop down if you want the color picker to update on the selected item). I’d recommend improving this with a very simple solution:

  • Remove the dysfunctional color drop down
  • Add a simple [COLOR] button to Stroke, Fill, and Text that opens the Mac Color Picker with the currently focused item auto-affected by the color picker (functionality of the same as currently clicking Other in the drop down) Basically this is a request to merely add a single button to do what currently takes 2 clicks and a precision drag ( 1-click color drop down, 2-drag to the ‘other’ selection, 3-click ‘other’ ).
  • Explanation: The problem with using Cmd-Shift-C for the color picker is that it doesn’t auto-update the currently selected item (clicking ‘other’ does this however!). The problem with using the ‘Other’ in the drop down is that it takes 3 cumbersome actions. The problem with the Color drop down is that you cannot change the colors in it. The proposed solution resolves all three issues

If I’m missing something obvious and there is already an easy way to a) change the default colors or b) to select the color picker and have it affect the currently selected item, please let me know! :)

Found my problem. Clicking on the Drop Down arrow on the color drop-down for Stroke / Fill / Text shows a list of colors to choose from in a Select List. However, merely clicking on the COLOR itself pops up the color picker with the current item selected. This can be done from the Inspector or the Toolbar.

On one hand I’m relieved it is so simple. On the other I’m baffled by the Omnigraffle community that I received exactly ZERO replies to this post to help me. I wrestled with this for 2 weeks+ before I happened upon the very simple solution to what I felt was a highly cumbersome oversight. I’ve seriously never experienced an internet community (or lack thereof) so unwilling to help… very strange.

Thanks for the post and explaining this… I too have been irritated at the color selection problem.

Omni ! As a programmer myself, It really isn’t that tough to add the ability to select or create an individual color pallette… this is a pretty sad implementation for the color pallette - and the one supplied is WAY to dark for some uses.

However, even with this annoyance… GREAT APP !!!