[SOLVED] OF3 -> OF4 license upgrade from Mac App Store

I’m kind of puzzled as to what’s the upgrade path from OF3 to OF4 in order to get a 50% discount.

I have an AppStore licensed OF3 Pro, and when I try to check for upgrade discounts I get this cryptic message

I do not know what “Check Discounts (Upgradeable App Names)” is, but last time I upgraded from OF2 to OF3 I just had to point to the proper older OF app binary and it would happily identify the older license, but with OF4 if I I hit “Verify Discount” and select the OF3 application I get this message

Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 20.36.29

Any ideas? Is this a bug?


Solved it by using my App Store licensed OF3 Pro to transfer the license to my Omni account. Still, these set of dialogs is totally confusing and does not seem to work.


My apologies; that’s one confusing dialog! It looks like it’s missing some localized app names there: where that dialog says “Check Discounts (Upgradeable App Names)”, it’s meant to be saying “OmniFocus 1 or 2”.

The process for upgrading from OmniFocus 3 is exactly as you’ve discovered: open OmniFocus 3 and sign into your Omni Account to register your OmniFocus 3 license with it. Once that’s done, you’ll automatically receive your upgrade discount when purchasing OmniFocus 4 from the same Omni Account.

Hi kcase,
for me it would be helpful to have a step by step guide. I bought the app via the AppStore also.
I have opened OF, signed into my OF Account and get the message “You do not currently have any registered license keys.” with the option to “buy a new license key” or “add license key”. If I press the letter I get the same result: “buy a new license key” or "add license key.
In short: I need help!

In my case I had Omnifocus 3 Pro licensed through the AppStore. The procedure described by Ken did not work for me due to the reasons explained by Ken. Perhaps this has been solved in some newer OF4 point releases, but I don’t know and the workaround was simple.

What I did was opening my registered OF3 (it was on a different computer, by the way, but if you download OF4 you should have both on your computer, so it makes no difference). Fumbling with the license dialogs in OF3 there was an option for “Transfer your license to your Omni Account”, I selected that. After that, when I opened OF4 it identified the existing license because it was now in Omni’s servers and offered the upgrade.

I’m sorry I cannot tell you exactly which dialogs or options I selected because now both my OF are correctly licensed so I do not see the original options :(

Thanks for your answer. Have you purchased OF 4 from the App Store or from OF?

OF3 from AppStore and OF4 from Omni, once the OF3 license was transferred, I purchased it from Omni Account with discounted upgraded price.

I also see that the latest OF release includes some fixes in purchasing, perhaps that would solve your case and you can upgrade directly using the AppStore license without the need for transferring it to Omni (not that it matter much as a user).

Here’s a link to the step by step guide on our support site:


Apologies for not linking to this in my previous post!