[SOLVED] Understanding Group Resources and Efficiency

I’m trying to understand how to properly use Resource groups.

Say I have two workers at 100% efficiency in a group:


Then I have a task with an effort of 2w (10 days). If I assign the group to the task, should the duration not be cut down to 1w?

Right now, the assignment always seems only to use 100% out of 200%, I imagine I’m missing a setting somewhere, or is it because I only have the standard plan and not ‘pro’?

I am on omniplan 3.11.2 (v199.9 r327270)

@waffl If you level your project, you should see that OmniPlan assigns one of the two team members to the task. If you’d like both members of the team to be assigned to the task, you’ll need to edit the % assigned in the Assignments inspector (from 100% to 200%). Leveling after making tat adjust should result in this assignment:


Does this help?

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Ah I see now, that explains everything, thank you so much! I actually didn’t realize the % assigned was an editable field in the inspector.

@waffl Great, I’m glad to hear that! (And I’ll file a note in our development database about the % assigned field not appearing obviously editable.)