Some perspectives do not allow duplicating

Can anyone tell me why I can duplicate items in some perspectives and not others. And what the rules are. (If I’ve dealt with a task, but I’m not waiting on an answer, I like to duplicate it, marking the original as complete, and the duplicate with a ‘waiting’ tag. This way I know my review will pick it up again if needed.)

The reason why tasks cannot be duplicated for certain perspectives

When editing the perspectives, you can select one of two options in the “Presentation” section (version 3 Pro) or in “Group and sort” (version 4 Pro) (option “Entire Projects” or “Individual Actions”).
If you select “Individual Actions”, the “Duplicate” option is not available when you right-click with the mouse. I think it probably has to do with the internal overall organization of the data.

Thank you Monika!! Very helpful!

I couldn’t understand the why and it was quite frustrating.

I’ve tried changing the view and it’s fixed (I prefer individual actions, but it’s easy to switch back and forth when I want to duplicate).


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