Something similar--for Windows?

Hi all, my first post here and I apologize in advance that it’s not really about OmniFocus. But I don’t know who else to ask this question, and I know OF users will understand what I’m asking.

I use OF in my personal life, day-in, day-out, on my iPhone and on my Mac. It’s the tool that organizes my life. I need something that does the same things as OF, but for Windows, as my employer is a Windows-only shop. If anyone has recommendations, I’d definitely appreciate it.

You could look at Todoist and Toodledo. Both have free levels and as subscription for to open more features.

They look and feel very different from OF, but support similar functionality

Also My Life Organized - has very similar features and a windows client

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I use Ticktick as a complement to Omnifocus, as described in an earlier post:
Ticktick as a complement

It can’t do everything that Omnifocus can, but it has a clean design, is easy to use and is available on all platforms.


I used to work for a Window-only company, thankfully no longer!

My solution back then was to put my iPad on the desk with a Bluetooth keyboard (the Belkin Ultimate model) and make use of the email-to-inbox feature for anything on my Windows desktop that needed to be in OF. Worked quite well.

Thank you! The people at Toodledo tell me their software does everything I need, so I’ll give it a try.

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Thanks! It looks great. I will probably try Toodledo first, because it has a web interface so I won’t have to install a nonstandard app on my office PC.

I used to use Toodledo - not a fan.

It worked well for me when I found myself in a Windows-only shop but wanted to use my iPhone/iPad to assist with task management. I wouldn’t choose it on a Mac.