Sort by flag/due date in the item view no more available in OF3?

Hello everybody,

I’m using OF for a while now, not in my pro space (damn IT…) but in my personal life.

In OF2 I use a lot the feature of the context view with the sorting by flag and due date on : it allows me to see quickly what are my top priorities and once those are done, move to the next ones. As you might have guessed, I used that a lot for shopping…

I just installed OF3 yesterday and can’t find that feature back : no more “sort by” in the now-tag view… I did build a custom perspective to find it back but I’m quite surprised such a “simple” feature is not present in OF3 or not so easy so spot…

Does anyone had the same problem and would mind give a hand please?

Have a good day :)


Contexts are now called Tags in OmniFocus 3. Tap on the Tags tile from the home screen and you should see a list of your former contexts (now called tags). The main difference is you are now able to use multiple tags and reorder tags.

I hope this helps!



Thanks lanettetest, the context > tag works just fine for me, way easier to use and so on but do you know if it possible, in the tag view, to sort them by flag / due date like OF2 with contexts did?

You can drag/drop items inside the tag to reorder them manually. In order to sort them automatically, I believe you’ll need to make a custom perspective.


Ok, it works for 5 actions but for 35 it’s a bit more tedious :)

Even if not as refined, the perspective trick does the work for now and the support team told me the feature has been asked to the development team so I just have to be patient !

Thanks for your reactivity and advice :)

Multiple drag/drop is supported.

  1. Tap into your specific tag inside of the Tag view.
  2. Tap Edit at the upper right.
  3. Tap all of the flagged items.
  4. Drag/Drop them where you want.
  5. Tap Done.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 until items are all in the order you like.

I forgot to mention, you can also drag/drop multiple items outside of edit mode, but that gesture is hard to describe.

Try this:

  1. Inside of a tag, press & start to drag 1 action.
  2. Tap other actions with a finger on your other hand as you keep dragging. You will see a little number showing how many items.
  3. Drop at the desired location.

Sorry that I don’t have a video of this, because it really is one of the best parts of OmniFocus 3.

Any update on the abilty to sort Tags by date and flag order? I have setup a custom perspective but it always opens up a new OmniFocus window and sometimes I can’t add new tags.

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