Sort by Start Date?

Hi Everyone,

New user here. Spent the last couple of hours scouring the web for various answers and one I can’t figure out how to do is sort my Gantt chart in task view by start date. I have a project schedule put together and each week I expect to be sharing my screen with the client. There are dozens and dozens of tasks grouped into different work streams which I’ve color coded, so in the default view I have to scroll down quite a ways to see all the tasks that start on a given date. It’s a bit hard to interpret this way. I’d much prefer to be able to sort the tasks by start date regardless of their grouping.

Also, is there any way to export a pdf version of the Gantt chart that maintains a specific zoom level? I want to be able to send out the Gantt chart in pdf format but in every export option I can find, it truncates it down to quarters which doesn’t do any good.

Any answers are appreciated!

@jxz As OmniPlan currently only offers the ability to sort tasks by the columns currently visible in the task outline, you’ll need to enable the “Start” column to sort your tasks by start date. To do so:

1.) Select View > View Options in the OmniPlan menu bar
2.) Check the “Start” option in the Outline Columns list and click OK
3.) Select Structure > Sort All Tasks in the OmniPlan menu bar. You should now see “Start, Earliest to Latest” listed as an option in this sub-menu.

Alternatively, you might find it useful to filter your project to only show tasks that start within a specific date range. Information about using filters in OmniPlan is available here:

When you export your project to PDF, OmniPlan should respect your project’s current zoom level. If this doesn’t seem to be the case in your project, could you let our Support team know? They’d be happy to troubleshoot with you. Our Support team can be reached at

Hope this helps!

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Thank you. This information was very helpful. Unfortunately I have most of the tasks “grouped” into various work streams and when I sort be start date earliest, it only sorts at the group level. Guessing I’d have to break these groups apart to get them to sort as I’ve described?

This would require me to rename every task so I could tell which work stream/phase it’s part of…

@jxz At this point in time it is not possible to disregard groups when sorting tasks, sorry! Have you tried filtering your project instead? If you only need to share tasks that start on a given date with your client this might be the simplest solution.

Thank you. This isn’t exactly what I was hoping for but is still helpful. I appreciate the response.