Sort completed actions chronologically

I’d like to create a Perspective to do a year end review of completed actions.

I’ve not found a solution yet.

Note: For “completion date”, I use “chronological” for oldest to newest, and reverse-chronological, for newest to oldest.


  1. Shows completed actions since a specific date, e.g., Jan 1 of a certain year. (From what I read on this forum, that is not possible; but I might be able to live with a list of all completed actions, and just scroll to find the first completed action in the date range.)

  2. Sorts actions from oldest to most recently completed. I don’t believe this is possible (possibly excluding scripting, automation, etc.) with sorting by action using a Perspective; actions sort reverse chronologically.

  3. Ideally exclude: Action Group parents. (Again, I could scan past them to get the start of the completed action.)

One Perspectives I tried:

True: Availability: Completed

Group and sort: Individual Actions

– Group Actions by: Ungrouped
– Sort Actions by: Completed

Columns: Project, Tags, Completion Date, Note Button

I tried grouping by projects, but that would mean I’d have to scan past completed items prior to the earliest date of interest for each project and action group, and also seeing chronologically sorted actions individually for each project and action group, and that might take away from the flow of visualizing the progress of completed actions.

So I think a list of all completed actions, sorted chronologically, would be a first good step.

Apologies If I’m overlooking anything.

You are correct about (1) and (2): perspectives don’t support filtering items by date, and sorting on date attributes is always reverse-chronological.

You can add the rule ‘Is not a project or group’ to exclude all parents of actions.

Consider exporting the data of all your completed actions and manipulating it an another app to get the presentation you want. You can select all the actions in the perspective and select ‘Copy as Taskpaper’. Then, for example, paste that into a spreadsheet and do some text manipulation, filtering, and sorting.

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