Sort Once is awkward, keyboard shortcuts seem impossible

In OF1 I was disappointed that there was no single-click method to sort once. (As there is, say, in the Finder.) So I made a keyboard shortcut for Sort Once -> By Due Date. That worked well, though it would have been more convenient to be able to use it after selecting a project title. (Instead, you have to select all the actions in the project, which is slightly less convenient.)

In OF2 Sort Once was not improved: you still have to select all the actions, and there still is no single-click way to sort. So I went to create a keyboard shortcut in System Preferences -> Keyboard for Sort Once -> By Due Date, but it doesn’t seem to work. Any thoughts on why? Any solution or workaround?

Keyboard Maestro?

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It works for me, but you have to create a keyboard shortcut that matches “By Date Due” rather than “By Due Date”.

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:) Actually, that’s what I did, unsuccessfully.

But this is now moot: I went back to OF1 because OF2 won’t show me the day of the week in the dates due. To me that’s a deal-breaker, given that I consider weekend days to be quite different from weekdays.