Sort Once no longer available?

Just updated to Omnifocus 2.0.4 on two macs one running Yosemite. Now the option to sort once is greyed out both systems on any Project or context views.
Is there a fix to this or work around or setting i have missed.

It’s working for me. Could you be more specific about what you have selected (in the sidebar or main outline)?

I’ve tried the following
Selected several projects with a number of due and deferred tasks. The sort once options are greyed out on all of them.
Selected a folder the sort once option is greyed out
Selected my inbox sort once options greyed out
Changed to context view selected People and again the option is greyed out

I didn’t even know about this feature, but I love the sound of it! Unfortunately, I can’t test it, because like @donbeat, the option is greyed out everywhere, both in custom and stock perspectives.

I have tried selecting things in the sidebar, selecting groups in the outline window (i.e. a particular context or project), as well as selecting a bunch of tasks under the same header, and the options under the Sort Once submenu are all greyed out for me in all cases as well.

Build details:

Product: OmniFocus-2.0.x
Tag: OmniFocus/2.0.4/GM-v87.19
Date: 2014-12-02 12:47:44 -0800



I think most perpsectives will have a sort order as designated in the View settings. That sort order will override others. I an see that “Unsorted” will list the tasks as seen in the project/planning perspective. But you can’t use the Sort command in the custom perspective. You can only sort in the default project/planning perspective. That’s why it’s greyed out.

if you are in a custom perspective, you can hit Command-Option-R 0View > Show in projects) to go back to project/planning perspective and use the sort command there.

@wilsonng I suspected as much about the possibility of it not being supported in custom perspectives, but it’s not available as an option in stock perspectives (Projects, Contexts, Inbox) either.

Okay weird, it is working for me now - I see that the stock Contexts perspective has a “Sort” defined in the “View” panel (which is a little odd?), so that prevents “Sort Once” there, but choosing tasks in a “Project” or “Inbox” perspective works.

I guess the key take away here is that if you have a meaningful focus and sort, make a perspective :) But the more I use OF (Pro), the more I see how crippled the non-pro version must be. Custom perspectives are pretty much a necessity (to me) to get the right views of database content.

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Yes, Sort Once is only expected to work in Projects and the Inbox because these are the ones that have an explicit order. The other views are all sorted by some rule already, which you can often customize in the perspective view options.