Sorting by Project in Forecast and Flagged tabs

In the Forecast view there seems no logic to the sort order of items. It would help a great deal to be able to sort them by Project, showing tasks in each project together like one can in Perspectives.

In the Flagged view, items are grouped by context. It would help a lot if one could group by Project.


I can relate to that. But on the other hand the forecast view then really gets blown up even more. While grouping by project (especially keeping the nesting of subtasks) would be a nice option to include into “Saurons eye”,
I don’t think the view (meaning its application and usage purpose) would benefit from having projects as headings.

Thanks Mat. But for me the Forecast view has relatively little use if there is no way of seeing the tasks in a sensible order. Having 27 tasks or more in a jumbled order is simply unuseable for monitoring workflow.

They’re supposed to be sorted by due time. Is that not what you’re seeing?

Thanks lizard for your intervention. Yes, I see now that they may be sorting by due time. But this is really useless for me. Usually all my daily tasks have the same due time, so there is no rational order. Could you not introduce other sort options? It would be a fabulous improvement. Thanks for consideration.


I agree with Edward. The rationale for me is that I use forecast and flagged views to report on actions associated with particular projects. The due date sequence might end up with actions from different projects interspersed. I’d like to be able to group by project - would be much more convenient and easier to process mentally for me that way.




I agree as well - I would LOVE to be able to work from the Forecast view, but in its current state it is difficult to use. Would be much better if we could group and sort as can be done with other perspectives.

The Forecast view is great start, but is a missed opportunity in my opinion - a number of people have noted several shortcomings and needed updates in another post: Enhancements to the Forecast view calendar?

Strongly agree. I often start my day with multiple pending tasks within each project. I would like to be able to select which I want to commit to today, and which I should defer. Sorting by projects within Forecast would make this easy. The previous version of Omnifocus allowed this.

While we are at it, sorting by due date within the Projects tab would allow me to get the same task done. But I don’t see how to do that either.

It appears to me that the Forecast view is now sorted by project. I would really like to have the option to switch between sorting by project and sorting by context.

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Just want to amplify my earlier comment. It is driving me crazy that I can’t sort today’s tasks by context. I want to do all my planning tasks together, all my errands, etc. And they are in different projects. All due at the default time.

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I would like to add that an ability to filter by context, not just sort would be helpful. I want to be able to see my forecast based on a certain context not all of them.

I agree with the conversation here. I would prefer the Forecast view to sort by flagged, but alas. The workaround I’ve done is to create a new view that shows tasks due today. You can use the project view and also sort by context or flag.

i would love to see manul sorting in Forecast view. this would really simplify things for me. i hate having to sort ‘todays’ tasks by changing the due time.


Really hope that Omnifocus finally bring reorder tasks or projects in Forecast View, i like this option so much with Things.

So every day i want see my tasks and those i deferred and plan my day , earrange the tasks in order i like to do without structure of due time or flag.

Yes you can manipulate to change different due times but it not logical …


Yes, I also want forecast actions to be sorted and grouped by context, which is much more useful than due time. As everyone know, for a specified day, all actions usually have the same due time (like 23:00) which makes the sorting by due time useless.

Have omni stuff heard so many users appealing?