Sorting context tasks manually [coming in Q1, 2018]

How do I sort context tasks manually. I want to have a list of things to do sorted the way I want for easy execution.

Please advise

See this for work arounds:

Manual sorting

Sadly, no easy way. That’s unfortunately why I am using a different app.

I keep coming back and lurking in this forum hoping to see that this features has been fixed. It’s been asked for by lots of people for years. But so far, no dice.

Fellow forum participant @ediventurin did have a twitter conversation with Ken Case about this:


I found a solution, I just FLAG my next ONE THING task, and then it solves the issue because I’m just looking at ONE task. Simple and Easy :) No sorting needed.

good for you. If you have the Pro upgrade, you can create a perspective that shows only first available action. Many folks like having a today perspective that shows a small subset of all available actions.

Here is a sample of one such setup.

You can probably change Filter by status to “flagged” to show just flagged instead of due and flagged.

You can change Filter by availability to “Available” if you desire.

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Anyone heard any update on this? Seems a few versions of OF have come and gone with no further mention of manual sorting (or tags or custom columns…)

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Apparently, those are not official 2016 Roadmap, probably not even settled for 2017 or 2018. Wait for next year’s official blog.

Thanks for the reply jsk. I’ll wait to see what the blog tells us.

As a long-time user of Omnifocus I have to say I’ve not seen many significant improvements in recent years - not since OF2 shipped. Two and a half years is a long time without progress when you look at how much competing products have evolved. Kind of makes me think that OG aren’t really too interested in continued support for OF. Shame given that it’s not a cheap product.

Same feeling here, the excuse/reason they have for this year is building a solid ground (new file format) for new features, lets see what we would have next year. hoping for some new feature instead of some features lost during transition from v2 to v1 (global search) or styling related (not sure why style weighs more than long-waiting functionalities.

There isn’t any word of this in the 2017 roadmap is there? Did I miss it? :(

Everybody has a pet feature, but this is mine.

This is coming alongside support for multiple tags.


Oh! Exciting year ahead! I’ve gone to Things for now :( I’ve got big hopes for these OF improvements.

Do you have an estimate as to when?


When? Thanks.

They’re planned for Q4.


This feature will be coming one quarter later than originally planned. Sorry for the delay!

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Can’t wait for this cool feature! Will it be the end of March or maybe within the first half Q1 ? :)

If this is true, why does Omni Staff only reveal it as a response to forum inquiries? Why isn’t it being advertised in a more official way as a coming feature? Most importantly, is it true? Thanks!

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What? I’m having trouble understanding these questions.
@JoseArcadio, have you followed the links on @kcase 's replies here in the user’s forum?

What more official than this blog post from Jan 24, 2017 or this other one from October 18 are you expecting?

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So it finally arrived :-)