Sorting/dragging projects in the "main view" in OF4 doesn't seem to work

If I recall, in OmniFocus 3, we could drag projects from the main view to set a different order.

In OmniFocus 4, this seems to only work when dragging them from the sidebar. If I drag a project from the “main view” (apologies if this is not the right term), there is seemingly no way of placing it above or below another project (maybe a bad config on my end).

Furthermore, it does seem possible anymore to do Ctrl+Cmd+Up/Down to change the order from the main view.

Those two behaviours worked in OmniFocus 3.

Maybe this is a known bug already, but I haven’t found a related post using the search bar.

Thanks for any tips on how to make those past behaviours work on version 4 :)

Edit 1

Also there doesn’t even seem to be a way to drag an item from one project to the other one in the main view anymore 🥹

Edit 2

Edit #1 is only true if there are no items in a project. E.g. you can’t drag an item from one project to an empty project.