Sorting items by Due Date within projects

I have a few projects, e.g. managing contracts/subscriptions, where I only have tasks with different due dates. As it seems they are sorted by creation date or another order. I am looking for a way to have the tasks in a project in order by Due date.

Is that possible? It is really cumbersome and error prone to sort the tasks manually.

There isn’t currently a way to automatically sort actions within a project. I agree it would be helpful to have this option in some situations.

In the meantime, consider assigning a shortcut key to Organize > Sort Once > By Date Due to make this as quick and easy as possible. You can also specify the sort order when creating custom perspectives.

Thanks a lot. I have forgotten to mention that I have only iOS and the web. Therefore I can order in perspectives or manually as it seems. :-(

It would be nice to have the Sort Once feature on iOS/iPadOS and the Web. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to email The Omni Group with this request (

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