Spark mail, mail drop vs. built in integration with attachments

I’m in a trial period to see if I want to come back to Omnifocus. I can’t seem to get this system to do just what I want. Not sure if a solution is possible or not. I want to move an email from Spark into Omnifocus and if there are attachments I want them included and I want the reference link to go back to Spark.

  1. When I mail drop from Spark, the attachments are sent and saved in Omnifocus, but the reference link sends me to, not Spark.

  2. Sparks integration creates a link to Spark, but attachments are not saved in Omnifocus.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

I believe that’s how Spark integration works - you get the link, not the mail content/attachments. It’s an attribute of how Spark has implemented mail integration…

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