Special repetitiv question


i wonder if the following is possible with OmniFocus 2 on the Mac:

I have a task that i need to do every month within the first week. It doesn’t really matter if i do it on the first day of the month or on the seventh but it needs to be done by the 7th latest.

Is it possible to set a task to appear on my list every first of a month and be due on the 7th? That would be really valuable.


Have you tried creating a task and entering the dates in the inspector exactly as you say?

Defer Until: november 1st
Due: november 7th
Repeat Every: 1 month

It even shows you how the next instance will be created, in this case using december 1st and december 7th as deferred and due dates.



that looks great, thanks. didn’t get that i need to set the date for the first appearance and then that the reptition copies exactly that and doesn’t start from the day i mark the first one as completed. Looks to do exactly what i was looking for.

Thanks again.


OmniFocus also has the possibility you describe (start x days/whatever from the day you mark the first one as completed): that happens when you change the dropdown under repeat from ‘repeat every’ to ‘defer another’.

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