Specifying Time Zones

Is there a way to explicitly specify time zones in the Due field?

I live in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone and I am currently in the Atlantic Standard Time (AST) zone and want to set a due time for a task using EST. The conversion is easy enough, I can set it for one later using my current time zone (AST) and switch off “Use floating time zone,” but I was wondering if there is a more explicit way to do it that doesn’t require mental math? I’ve tried typing “EST” into the due time field, but that doesn’t work.



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OmniFocus will use your current time zone when “Use floating time zone” is unchecked.

I can see how it would be useful to be able to specific the time zone when entering the due/defer date. I encourage you to share this feedback with The Omni Group. You can email them by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu (Mac) or Settings (iPhone, iPad).

Thanks, will do!

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