Spell-checking in OmniFocus 2

Is there any way to reliably enable spell-checking in OmniFocus 2 for Mac? I don’t see anything in OmniFocus’s preferences that allows for automatic spell-checking, and the system-wide preference to enable spell-checking does not seem to have any effect in OmniFocus. Any help or suggestions? Am I missing something?

There is a Spelling and Grammar submenu in the OmniFocus Edit menu; the options there should be active while you’re editing any text in OmniFocus.

Thank you. That seems to work if I have both “Correct Spelling Automatically” and “Check Spelling While Typing.” Is that correct?

“Check Spelling While Typing” is the thing that underlines misspelled words.
“Correct Spelling Automatically” replaces words you type with whatever the OS thinks they should be.

They should interact the same way in other apps — my guess would be that with both checked, most misspellings would be automatically corrected and those for which a near match couldn’t be found would get the red underline.