Splash screen problem

When I load OmniFocus, a small gray window with no text appears before any of the main application appears, and that window doesn’t go away with the result that it blocks a fixed part of the screen when I’m viewing OmniFocus.

It doesn’t go away if I resize the application window. If I go into full-screen mode, it flashes off but then reappears immediately. When I exit full-screen mode, the blanked out area remains.

I’m running OmniFocus 2.12.4 for Mac. And macOS Big Sur, version 11.1.

I’ve attached a screenshot of what the blanked out area looks like.

If I switch to any other application outside of OmniFocus, the blanked out area goes away, so it seems specific to the OmniFocus application.

I’ve tried clicking around on different parts of the blanked out area, but there doesn’t seem to be any ‘hidden’ button to close the window.

Welcome, Keith!

Yes, this is a known issue.

OK, thanks. I did a search before posting, but clearly didn’t know what to search for. Thanks for pointing me to the thread. k

No problem, Keith :-)

It probably doesn’t help (you) much: but at least you know things are in the works…

Thanks Mark. As has been mentioned in the other thread, it’s mostly an annoyance that I can work around. But good to know what’s going on. k

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