Split and merge cells

sorry if my question is duplicate in the forum, but I don’t find an answer.
Is there a way to split a cell in two different cells? And conversely: is there a way to merge in a unique cell two or more selected cells?
I appreciate all your suggestions and thank you in advance.

Control-return will split a row at the cursor
Control-delete at the start of a cell will merge with the previous one, or control-forward delete at the end of a cell to merge with the following. However, for multi-column documents, merge will only work if one row is empty in the other columns except for the one being merged. This isn’t exactly an accurate description but I’m having trouble coming up with one that isn’t quite lengthy.

Hi DerekM, thank you very much for your answer.
There are many undocumented shortcut that are very useful. Luckily, there is the forum.


Does this still work. I’m trying to merge and its not really working?

Yes, this still works. One bit of info missing from that is about row notes. You won’t be able to merge if both rows have note content either.

Im just curious if we are talking about the same thing. In excell (for example) you can highlight two cells and merge them and then you will see one sentence extend across the two cells (for example). Can you do that in Omni Focus. I have three columns and 4 rows. The document is empty for this test. I would like the content of one row to extend all the way across the document spanning all three columns. Is that possible?

Ah! No, we are not talking about the same thing. It is not possible to do what you want in OmniOutliner. The only sort of similar thing is the option to allow note cells to either span just the outline column or all columns to the right.

The split and merge cells mentioned here are splitting a cell into two (into different rows) and the reverse merging of that.