"Stalled" perspective - hold still for a minute!

Hi forumites,

I’ve got the usual Internet-recommended “Stalled” perspective:

but I have a silly problem. The reason I look at that perspective is to un-stall those projects, and as soon as I hit cmd-N, the stalled project disappears, presumably because it now has a completely empty action in it.

Is there some workflow magic I’m missing? How can I get them to stick around until I’ve finished writing that one next action – or to not refresh automatically, I guess?


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Try this:

Select the project you want to un-stall, right click and select “Focus in New Window.”
Now, add new actions to the project. Close the window when you’re done.


Alternatively, use this great script from @curt.
That’s how I un-stall projects when I’m on the Mac.
It works much better for me.

Awesome, I’ll try both! Also it’s good to know it’s not just me. Thanks!

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