Standard/full license "upgraded" to subscription pro in order to have access to scripting?

I’m thinking of trying out Things again and would like to migrate things over as I have years of projects/comments/info in my OF3 install.

Now I presently own a full/standard version of OF3. What has put me off from doing this migration/test in the past is the idea of paying $50 to upgrade to Pro only to be able to migrate, and then paying for Things again.

Now in checking the Pricing page for OF it looks like there’s no a subscription option. Now I really really dislike the software-as-service model so I would never actually use a license that way, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to “upgrade” my OF3 standard to a pro one for a month while I use the scripting to migrate and then cancel the subscription. Would that “return” my normal/standard license or would my OF “expire” fully?

Has anyone done anything like this and/or know of a different way to be able to migrate a full database over to another app?

I recommend contacting Omni Support with this question. You can drop them a line by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu (Mac) or Settings (iPhone & iPad). They also provide phone support from 10am-5pm PT.

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