Starting a new blank checklist using the template


I want to use the checklist template to start a packing list for an upcoming trip. When I select the checklist template and click New Document, the new document opens pre-populated with items on the list.

I’ve also tried opening a new document and then selecting the Checklist theme. When I do that, the bullet in front of the first item remains a bullet. Since I’ve changed to Checklist theme, however, it should be a check box, right?

So, I’m back to selecting a template and the clicking New Document. Is there any way to open a new document from the selection of templates and not have it pre-populated? Or, is there a menu selection that will clear the pre-populated content so I can enter my own items without having to delete the OmniGroup’s items first?



Have you considered starting a new document based the Checklist template, clearing pre-populated content you don’t want, then saving the cleaned up version as a template? You can do that via File > Save as Template…



Thanks. No, I hadn’t considered that. I really only need this one checklist right now, so I was hoping there was some simple way of doing this…

I’m thinking that if I do as you suggest, though, if I ever want to make a checklist again, I’ll be all set.