Starting fresh in OF2

Sometimes I like the ‘blow it all away and start anew’ option. I exported everything to a HTML file. What do I need to do to have a clean slate in OF2?

(Side note - love the new look and functionality, not only the best task manager around but now feels like a modern one as well)

I tried following the instructions here and deleted OmniFocus.ofocus but did not do it…

Your OmniFocus database lives in a different location now – those instructions are a bit out of date. You can find and remove the database by following these steps:

  1. Hold down the command (⌘) key and click the icon at the top of your OmniFocus 2 window:
  2. In the path popup that appears, select the topmost folder (called “OmniFocus”):
  3. A new Finder window will appear that contains your OmniFocus database. Once this window has appeared, quit OmniFocus 2.
  4. Delete the OmniFocus.ofocus database. (Optional: empty your Trash.)
  5. Relaunch OmniFocus 2. You should be prompted to set up a fresh database.