Starting new line from Note

If I finish an Item (or Row) in an outline and hit Return, it starts a new Row.

But if I’m typing into a Note and hit Return, it simply adds another line to the Note.

To start another Row from the Note I have to move the cursor up from the Note and into the text of the Row, and then hit Return.

Am I missing something? Is there some keyboard combination to add a new Row while in a Note?

If not, I think there ought to be …

Yes, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to the menu item Organize > Add Row to achieve what you want.

P.D.: You can set a keyboard shortcut via OmniOutliner > Keyboard Shortcuts....

Perfect. Totally forgot about the ability to add Keyboard Shortcuts.

Many thanks!

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You can hit ⌘↩︎↩︎. Command-return finishes editing and commits the record (it will be highlighted) the second return creates a new row.

That works too. Thanks.