Status checkboxes?


I have an outline on the Mac with status checkboxes that I use. While I see the option in OO for iPad to show the Status column, it doesn’t actually show.

Is this coming in a later version? Or is there something wrong with my file?


The status column is its own column in OmniOutliner for iPad. Is it scrolled off the side of your screen?

Yes! I tend to use OO on my iPad in portrait mode, and it would appear that I can’t swipe to see the Status column in that mode. When I turn it to landscape, it appears.

Any way to see that column in portrait? When I swipe it activates the swipe for the particular item I’m on, and asks if I want to delete it.


You can drag the grabbers in the column header to resize the Topic column, which will reveal the status checkboxes.

Perfect - thanks!