Status Menu Items Unavailable [A: Only applies to projects/contexts, not active for actions]

Apologies for another noob question:

I am in Contexts. I had a series of questions I asked our developer. I wanted to mark them completed. If I click Edit > Status, my choices are unavailable (greyed out). But I can choose Completed from Action in the Inspector. Shouldn’t this be available on the menu as well?

Also, I don’t see a keyboard shortcut on the menu. I know how to make one in System Preferences, but thought I’d check since I missing the obvious appears to be my superpower.

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The Edit > Status options aren’t available for individual action items, sorry. These menu items are applicable for modifying the statuses of projects and contexts, but isn’t hooked up for actions. However, Space Bar will mark a selected action complete. if you’ve selected a bunch of actions at once, you could use the Space Bar to mark them all completed simultaneously.

With OmniFocus 2 we’ve tried to be considerate about how many keyboard shortcuts our app uses by default, so not everything in the menus has a key command associated with it (as we didn’t want to hog other common shortcuts you may be using in other apps that you use alongside OmniFocus). If a keyboard shortcut doesn’t appear next to a menu bar item, that means there isn’t one specified. You can however assign a custom keyboard shortcut through the System Preferences for any menu commands you’d like.

Thanks, Aaron!

I wondered about that when I was trying to figure out how to mark my action completed. Is there even a menu item to do that, or can we only do it by clicking the Status Circle or pressing Space Bar?

I certainly appreciate the restraint in not hogging all the keyboard assignments!

Thanks again!


There’s no menu command for this, but you can check off actions in any of the following ways:

  1. Space Bar to complete selected item(s)
  2. Checking off the Status Circle with the mouse
  3. Automating marking actions as completed through the use of AppleScript, like this Complete and Await Reply script (requires Pro)
  4. Select Complete from the right-click contextual menu on an action

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We hope at least one of the above options is convenient enough for your workflow! If however there’s some other method you were hoping for to check off an action, and if you could tell us more about that workflow, I’d be happy to file a feature request in our development database for further consideration as we plan future releases.

That’s great, Aaron; thanks!

I’m a smidge surprised there’s not a menu item, but since I prefer keyboard shortcuts, it’s not a problem for me.