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A month ago I purchased OmniFocus for iOS, and have since become a convert, literally the best $40 I ever spent. I’ve been looking at Outliner for iOS next, as I already have quite a backlog of material I want to process with it. However, the current reviews in the app store say that the program crashes excessively. What does the future look like for the iOS version of this app? I have no plans of purchasing a mac, so I’m strictly looking at the iOS version of all of Omni’s software.

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I’ve never, that I can recall, had a crash with OmniOutliner on IOS iPhone or iPad

didn’t see anything here. I only saw one review about crashing. i don’t see any crashing here. I’m trying it out on one of my office iPads here with the iOS 9.3.4 update which is the latest version at the time of this writing.

In any case, OmniOutliner really works best with a bluetooth keyboard because it is a text-oriented app.

Don’t worry. The Omni Group have been regularly updating Omnioutliner for IOS for a long time (as well as their other apps for Mac and IOS), and there is no reason why they shouldn’t continue doing so. They have been very clear in stating that the IOS apps are an important part of the product line. Just keep enjoying!

If you do decide to purchase OmniOutliner for iOS and encounter any issues, please email us at and we’ll be happy to do whatever we can to help you. Unfortunately we have no way to contact reviewers on the App Store to find out just what the crashes are those people are continuing to encounter, though we sure wish we could.


I use OO on iOS & MacOS many years and it works really stable without any crash … believe me, my OO-files are not only 10-100 lines.

don’t worry about one/1 review


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Same here. Used both iOS and MacOS versions for years without a crash. I have a combination of small and large files. Small = 10 to 200 rows. Large = 200 to 2000 rows.

Sync has been flawless as long as you remember to close the MacOS version after editing the file. I find if I keep the MacOS version open I can generate duplicate files. On iOS I can leave the file open on 3+ devices and never have a problem. I actually prefer using OO on iOS (iPad Pro 12.9 w/ Smart Keyboard) over MacOS.

Thanks for the useful info everyone. Does syncing for Outliner use the same encryption that Omni Focus does since a few weeks ago?

OmniOutliner syncs with OmniPresence which is different from the sync OmniFocus uses. OmniPresence is not yet using encryption but we will be adding it.

Mine does crash, nearly every time I background the app for more than a couple of minutes, and updating to iOS10 didn’t change this behavior at all.

Are you running the latest version? If you sent in a crash report, could you let me know what ticket number you got back from the autoresponder so I can investigate the crash?

When you do update it, I’ll purchase a copy. I’m actually tracking it in OF. Are there plans to integrate the syncing service between OF and OO? That matters less to me at this point than the encryption feature, but I was just wondering from a technical standpoint. I also noticed the courtesy iBooks manual hasn’t been updated in a couple years, but maybe it didn’t need to be. I certainly read all the OF iBook updates.

Look forward to the app update, I’ll sink many hours into the program since it’s exactly what I need for personal and work material.

No need to wait for an update. No problems ever here, and if you nevertheless should run into any kind of problems, The Omni Group will fix those faster the better reports they get about it. As you can see in the update history for the app in The App Store, Omnioutliner is being updated frequently, almost every month so far this year.


Sorry, should’ve been more specific. Waiting for encryption feature, not crash-related.

I can see that now when I read your post again. Something to look forward to, then – it’s a very nice app!