Stencil for Graphs

Hi all, tried to download the graph stencil by lawyerjiangbo


I’m using the latest and greatest omnigraffle - but when I try importing or opening this gstencil, it says that I’m using an old version of omnigraffle.

Any help here? Is the file corrupted? Or is there some trick I’m missing to opening this template?

Weird. I just downloaded and added the stencils to current OG Beta.

Are you adding by using the “Resource Browser” and “Add Resources to Library”?

Hi, thank you for responding.

Found the solution:
When downloading, it was adding “GZ” suffix to the download.
When I Removed that, the icon changed (I guess due to OS identifying the file)
Double clicked and BINGO, files are installed.

Which… doesn’t matter now as I made my own stencil.
Maybe I’ll share them?

I am using OmniGraffle 7.17.5 (v203.12.0)

Maybe adding the extra “GZ” broke the file association in MacOS; it didn’t know what to do with a “.GZGZ” file. The OS is pretty good about determining what to do with different file types. Most of the time, the file type (extension) is hidden and handled automatically. If you used a PC for a while, this can cause a little confusion since most show the extension.

Good to have too many stencils in the town than too few!

Glad you got it all worked out.