Stencil search doesn't find my objects

Either there’s a trick for this or search sucks. Hoping it’s the former.

(Using 7.4.2 pro on macbook pro 15 retina)

So when I create a graphical object in one of my stencils, I select it, go into Properties (the gear in the inspection panel) and then enter what I assume will be a searchable name in the Note->Name field.

For example: “SMD Transition sticky”

The names aren’t all that complex, anywhere from one to three words typically.

But later when I do a search on either part or all, nothing comes up.
“SMD”, nothing, “SMD Transition” nothing, “Transition” nothing

So how can I create objects that get found?

I should have thought to open up a Stenciltown canvas and see what their trick is…
Wait, what? You have to sprinkle text fields all over the canvas???

Then what is the point of offering metadata fields if they aren’t searchable???


Metadata values can be used as Data Variables. See the “Data Variables Bound to Inspectors” section at

Thanks, I checked out the page and that is helpful info. I can definitely see some uses for it, however…

I still think it’s odd that the ‘Note name’ field isn’t indexed. Making stencil items searchable shouldn’t be so complicated.

If you open the sidebar, you can give each item a name that is searchable in the stencil window. There are a few other techniques for making a searchable stencil that can help if you check under “The Anatomy of a Stencil” at If we can help with any other questions or you’d like to send us a feature request, choose Contact Omni from the help menu to reach us by email.