Stencils as Symbols - Update Instances

I am familiar with Stencils in Omnigraffle. How do they compare to Symbols in software like Illusrator and Sketch? More specifically, in these other apps, if I place an instance of a symbol on the canvas, and I update the parent / original symbol, all instances update to reflect the changes. Is there a way to do this in Omnigraffle? In omingraffle is there any link or relationship of the instance to the original parent stencil, or is it just as if I copied and pasted another object in my file - with the only difference is that the original is defined in a stencil file and is accessible via the popopver?

This a question. But if I can’t do this, its a feature request similar to:

We do have LinkBack as an option. You might try and see if it works for you.