Stencils in OmniGraffle 7.6

In case you missed it, OmniGraffle 7.6.1 is available to download from our website and on the Mac App Store. OmniGraffle 7.6 focuses on improving the Stencil experience with features like:

  • New Preferences for Default Stencil Browser Location β€” In addition to Popover and Floating Window, there are two new options for default Stencil Browser locations: Right Sidebar and Left Sidebar. Look for the configuration option on the General tab in Preferences. From any of these locations, double-click on a stencil in the file list to open that stencil as a new floating window.
  • Drag and Drop Objects onto Stencils β€” Quickly add new objects to a stencil by holding down the option key (the shortcut for duplicating) and dragging an object from the canvas to the stencil browser. Drop it on the Grid, List, or Canvas view and the object is immediately saved to that stencil. Change the object’s position in the stencil or any of its metadata by choosing Edit Stencil from the gear menu in the Stencil Browser.
  • Collapse and Expand Stencil Canvases β€” If you organize stencils using multiple canvases then the new disclosure triangle next to each stencil canvas in the Stencil Browser makes it easy to hide and show them.
  • View Options for Stencils β€” The Stencil Browser now has a button with an eye icon where you can find various view settings. Background color options are available for the stencil Grid, List, and Canvas views. Stencils appear in the Grid and List view based on their hierarchy in the stencil file; choose Reverse Order to change the order. When viewing stencils as a list there are additional controls for the size of the rows and what metadata is displayed.
  • Grid as Default β€” The Grid view in the Stencil Browser is now the default but OmniGraffle now also remembers which view you last used and uses that preference next time.
  • Non-printing Layers in Stencils β€” Objects on non-printing layers in Stencil documents aren’t shown in the Grid or List view of the Stencil Browser. Useful when you want to provide some examples or annotations for your stencil objects in the canvas view and hide that content in the Grid or List view.
  • Drag and Drop Files in the Resource Browser β€” The Resource Browser now supports dragging and drop files between folders to make organization easier.
  • Rename Folders in the Resource Browser β€” Folders can now be renamed directly from the Resource Browser.
  • New Folder from Selection in the Resource Browser β€” There is a new option in the gear menu of the Resource Browser to create a new folder with the selected files.

See the full list of updates and bug fixes here:

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