Stencils On Multiple Machines

Hey y’all. I was wondering if there was a way to share stencils across multiple machines and have the stencils update on each machine as a new one is added?

For context, I work on a team of five people and we share stencils. Each time one person creates a stencil each person has to download it individually. Is there a way that when one person makes a stencil that it is added to each user’s stencils?


On the Mac, this is easy to do. You can use whatever sync provider you would like to sync them between machines and then in OmniGraffle you just need to link the folder they are stored in so it has access to them. A network shared folder would work too,

In OmniGraffle, open the Resource Browse - File > Resource Browser. Then click the link folder button in the bottom toolbar and select the folder that has the stencils. This gives OmniGraffle access to all Graffle resources in it and they will appear in the stencil list as well as the template list.

We recently shipped this feature on iOS as well but many sync providers are not fully compliant and can’t be used there.

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This “Linked Folder” feature does not work anymore as per OmniGraffle 7.21.4.

I’ve added a linked folder inside OneDrive containing OmniGraffle templates, but there are no template showing inside the Resource Browser. All template files have been downloaded locally.