Stenciltown v1 User IDs

Once upon a time I created and submitted a stencil to stenciltown ( I have meanwhile added some fixes to the stencil and I would like to update it. Is this possible? I have created an “Omni ID”, but it is not connected to the stencil of course. Is there a way to reconnect my account?

Hi Jens,

Thanks for getting in touch, and for uploading this stencil in the first place! Go ahead and send us an email at and let us know your new Stenciltown account name, and we can correct the ownership on that stencil so you can update it with your changes.

Thank you!

Thank you for the quick answer. I did as suggested and you already assigned the stencil to my account.

I tried to “update” the stencil which seemed impossible. So I deleted the stencil and uploaded a new one
with the same name. Is the way to do it?
Also I’m not able to change the category of a stencil.

Besides that, it seems as if the profile “pop-up” is not correctly working on Chrome. At least I was not able to activate it (via the #activate link). I only detected that “pop-up” on Safari, but even there it seems to not work reliable.