Step and repeat à la Illustrator?

As long as I’m requesting Adobe-like drawing features, I really miss Adobe Illustrator’s step-and-repeat function, whereby selecting an object and hitting Command-D duplicates it; then, once you’ve positioned it as desired (relative to the original), hitting Command-D repeatedly results in successive duplicates, each spaced relative to its preceding sibling as the second was to the original.

Make sense?

The current workaround for this behaviour in OG is a bit cumbersome: manually make a bunch of duplicates, then align/space them. Especially awkward on iPad.

OmniGraffle 6 does this correctly for me.

Are you performing any other steps in between Duplicate and moving?

Ok. That’s weird. It works for me, too. I’m 99.98% positive it didn’t a few days ago — this is a very ingrained behaviour for me.

Then again, some features like the keyboard equivalent for zooming out, works only intermittently (while zooming in seems to always work), so maybe it’s not me?

Anyway, thanks! :)