Stop from dialog confirmations to delete an action group?

OF 4 on macOS …

How can I globally dismiss the confirmation dialog that appears when deleting an action group containing sub-tasks?

EDIT: If a global setting does not exits and will not be added as a preference, I have a feature request. Please allow the dialog that appears to accept command-D (for delete) or command-C/escape for cancel. The friction is in having to remove my hands from the keyboard to use the cursor to run the next action at this dialog.

OmniFocus 20240302-163548@2x


I assume your screenshot is from a Mac (which I don‘t have). On iPad you can use the arrow keys (⇠ / ⇢ ) to switch between Cancel and Delete and confirm the choice with the Enter ↲ key. (OmniFocus 4.2 TestFlight)

Do you have this setting enabled ?

System Settings > Keyboard (macOS Sonoma):

In any case, Esc dismisses the dialog and Enter deletes the action group. But perhaps I am missing the root of the issue.

Ideally, I want to have the keystroke command-D act to select Delete. While the ESC key dismisses the dialog, the RETURN key does not do anything. Even when I turn on Keyboard navigation and tab to the Delete button, the RETURN keystroke does not work.


That’s strange, I am using OF 4.2 and RETURN keystroke does work.

I’m not 100% sure where I read it (possibly the Slack channel) but I think this was fixed in the 4.2 TestFlight builds. If @DrJJWMac is running version 4.0.5, that might explain things.

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Yes, I am running 4.0.5. I’ll wait for the update. Thanks.


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