Storing OmniGraffle Files in Google Drive (or GSuite)

When I upload OmniGraffle Files in my Google Drive, and then download them, they have zero KB. I think that Google Drive sees the .graffle files as a folder, and then zips them on the way down… not a big deal, but then I unzip them and there’s nothing there.

Is anyone else using Google Drive? Any tips or tricks?

I have thousands of OmniGraffle files and my company is shifting to GSuite.


In OmniGraffle’s Document > Format inspector, you can configure a document to save as a flat file which may be more compatible (at the expense of being less efficient—so large documents will see longer delays while being saved).

(That said, if Google Drive is corrupting OmniGraffle documents in this way, there are probably other documents from other apps being corrupted as well, like Rich Text documents with attachments from the Mac’s built-in TextEdit app. I know it might not be up to you, but is it really a good idea to switch an entire company’s documents over to a storage service that doesn’t reliably preserve every document?)

Even worse. I have been working all day in Omnigraffle and then saved my file on my new File Stream G-suite. When I closed the file and did the final save, I got an alert about saving on a volume that does not allow older versions. I agreed, saved and closed the file. The file is 0 kb with a very weird extension, something in the like of I have to search for it, it does not naturally appear in the folder where I saved it.
This is the second time this happened to me. The first time I did not get a warning when saving and closing the file.
What is going on here, please?

Same thing here… I cannot save an Omnigraffle file on the Google Drive File Stream.

I get the following after closing Omnigraffle and i cannot find any of my work:

I have lost 2 major files and 10s of hours of work. :(

Noting the error you see is when you set the File format to flat.

The Google support team are recommending users encountering sync failures save locally, and use the Finder to move files and folders. The support suggestions at and at!topic/drive/OPJQUIDpcaI might be worth trying. You may also want to check your trash to try to recover your files, since that is where Google Drive File Stream puts files when syncing fails. Until this syncing issue is resolved on their side, saving as a flat file may not be enough to reliably protect your work. Make sure you save locally until this known issue is fully resolved. You may want to keep an eye on the Google Drive File Stream release notes and reach out to their support team. Sorry to hear you are still encountering issues. If you find a solution it would be helpful to share it here.



I had the same issue (using File Stream, saving new graffle files to Team Drive resulted in them being deleted) and raised it with both Google and OmniGroup. Google support “fixed” it for me with the following sequence:

  • Log out of File Stream and then quit it
  • Uninstall File Stream
  • Delete File Stream’s cache (~/Library/Application Support/Google/DriveFS)
  • Reinstall File Stream

Since doing this it’s worked fine.

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I was able to recover my deleted files using the following process:

  1. Log into Google Drive on the web
  2. Navigate to the folder where the .graffle file was deleted (e.g. foo.graffle)
  3. Look in the right-hand pane under the “Activity” tab. You should see a file with a name like Right-click on the filename and restore it
  4. On your Mac, wait for the file to restore. You will get both foo.graffle and locally
  5. Now the important part - Right-click on foo.graffle and duplicate it. You should get a file like “foo copy.graffle”
  6. Delete Wait a minute or two and you’ll see that both and foo.graffle are deleted
  7. Rename “foo copy.graffle” to foo.graffle