Storing OmniGraffle Files in Google Drive, sync with iPad

Hi there,

I use OG on my mac and want to use it on my brand new iPad Pro.

Storing .graffle on Google Drive doesn’t work, as OG cannot open the file.
There seems to be a load of similar cases.

What is the remedy you advise?


Only problem I have seen with that is if images are added to the drawing. They are not part of the .graffle file but usually in a ‘subdirectory’. At this time, I am only using G.Drive as a back-up for my drawings but zip them before uploading to keep everything together.

Hi ScoutsHonor, hi *,

to be precise: you store a flat-file graffle to GDrive or its native, ‘folderized’ file format?

With which of those formats you do not encounter issues?


I am only using Drive as a back-up so I am zipping/archiving my work file, then uploading it. I am not using a flat file by design. The document setting is “Automatic (package or flat file)” and “Compress on disk”

I don’t work off Drive since I only have one platform to work on my drawing.

ah - I see: that is a different use case then.

mine is: As a omnigraffle user on both a mac and an iPad, I want to have a master file on GDrive to work on from both devices.

Any solution for this - world?

With the iOS 13 updates to OmniGraffle and our other document-based apps, we’ve fully adopted the iOS 13 Files app as our document browser — however, it’s still up to the individual cloud providers that integrate with the Files app to control whether or not they support documents from apps like OmniGraffle.

Our experience with Google Drive so far suggests that they have not implemented their iOS app as a full file browser. Google Drive will currently appear in Files, but won’t accept new documents from any apps other than Google. (I’ve encountered similar issues when trying to open an Apple Pages doc on iOS through Google Drive.) As a result, you may be allowed to add files to this cloud provider when working on your Mac, but we’re not aware of any reliable method for accessing these files from an iOS device.

I’m afraid there isn’t a way for us to address this from our end, but if you would like to see this support added, I would recommend passing this request along to the developers of Google Drive by using Menu > Help & Feedback in their iOS app. In the interim, you’d need to select a different cloud provider in order to share documents to your iPad. We’d recommend iCloud Drive, which offers very robust support for the types of file formats used across our applications.

Hi Aaron - and thanks for replying quickly.

that is a quick stop then — for my use case above.

»we’re not aware of any reliable method for accessing these files from an iOS device.«
renders as »you cannot work on the same omnigraffle file from Mac OS and iOS through GDrive«

→ I’ll give iCloud a try for that. Alas, I want to keep my files at a single cloud provider as everything else is another perpetual complication I am not seeking.

Hence, I will not buy the Omnigraffle iOS app although this was my intention (and a main reason for an iPad Pro + Pencil) until the iCloud path proves feasible.