Strange behavior when I invoke OF2 via clipping

If I don’t have OF2 running and use my keyboard shortcut to create a task from a selected piece of text in another app, I sometimes see two icons in the task bar. One appears to be the real app (it has a badge showing the number of overdue items). The other just bounced on the dock.

I usually (always?) have to provide my omnisync server/pwd to proceed. Eventually, the second icon stops bouncing in the doc, and it appears that I have two instances of the same app running (one with a badge count, the other without).

Clicking the one with the badge count brings me to my OF window, as it should. Clicking the other one does nothing. Doesn’t start bouncing. Doesn’t give an error. It just doesn’t do anything.

If I quit Omnifocus, the “ghost” icon disappears from my dock.

If I try to clip again, same error. Hoewever, if I first START OF2 directly, and THEN clip, all works as expected (and I’m not asked for my sync server pwd either).

Hope this description isn’t too confusing.

Has anyone run across this? Is there a fix (other than making sure OF2 is running before I try to clip something)?

I reported this as a bug a little while ago and had an exchange with the Omni team about it… It appears that OSX sandboxing isn’t happy when OF2 is launched indirectly (e.g. via a service). There are Console messages like this:

23/04/2014 08:50:49.911 OmniFocus[2452]: Warning: Sandboxed app can’t access address book without proper entitlements.

And this:

23/04/2014 08:50:53.526 secd[225]: securityd_xpc_dictionary_handler OmniFocus[2452] copy_matching The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -34018 - client has neither application-identifier nor keychain-access-groups entitlements)

The only current workaround is to have OF2 running before you use the shortcut.


Thanks. I have it running most of the time, but sometimes I’ve closed OF or one reason or another and forget to relaunch it before clipping. Guess I’ll just have to remember.