Strange copy/paste behavior from MS Word

I’ve encountered some strange behavior when copying and pasting text from MS Word - I don’t paste from Word very often so I’m not sure if this is a new thing or not.

If I paste text from Word:

  1. the width of the pasted text is constrained regardless of the size of the text box. This was driving me insane because I assumed it was a special character or forced line breaks but those didn’t seem to be the source of the issue. Fortunately, I found the solution here: but it does seem strange that the arbitrary tab stop from Word would be copied over.

  2. the other weird behavior is that on paste I get two items. The first is the tabbed-constrained text box I just described, but the other is a bitmapped graphic version of the text. One is piled on top of each other:

Even if issue #1 is the intended behavior, issue #2 definitely seems weird.

Hello there. Sorry for the difficulty. To work around this issue, you can create a shape first, and put the text tool in the shape. Otherwise, you can delete the extra image and just keep the text.


Yeah, I’ve just been deleting the extra image, but I’m assuming it’s a bug right?

Unless you really want to try to work with MS Word’s formatting - which is strange. I have a workaround that I use a lot. I copy the text from MS Word, then I paste into, the copy it from there and paste it into whatever app I am using, this removes the formatting.

Yes, this is a known bug. Sorry if that was unclear.