Strange Copy Paste Problem


When copying a row I’m finding that I can’t paste below another row.

Selecting and holding the row to paste under, automatically copies that row disregarding the original ‘copy’.

The only way I seem to be able to copy is to press>hold>paste and then ‘move’.

Is this normal behaviour ?

Thanks in advance.

Not sure what you mean by “hold”.

I’m able to copy/paste rows without any problem.

What version of OmniOutliner are you using? (I’m using the current version-4.6.)

Ok I ‘hold’ the row to get the copy paste etc menu. What that seems to do is delete whatever is in the clipboard and copies the row that’s been selected only for the purpose of placing the ‘paste’ - pretty weird I’m convinced I’m doing something wrong !

Sounds like you’re using OmniOutliner on iOS. Which version of the app and iOS are you using?

Yep 2.9.5 - latest IOS I think…

It doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything wrong but I’m not able to reproduce what you’re describing. Are you seeing the Above | Below | Inside menu after tapping Paste? Does it make any difference if you pick the different options?

Ok so first I press on a row to get the copy option:

I select copy.

Then I select a row to place the paste:

After selecting paste it gives me:

I select below or inside etc and voila !:

Row 4 is copy pasted not row 2 ?

Oh wow, so this looks to be a bug when the Speak Selection accessibility option is on. We’ll have to look into this and see what’s going on. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and sorry for the trouble this is causing you.

Great - I thought it was me doing something silly. Option off !

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