Strikethrough available?

Strikethrough is on the Mac. Is it available on iOS? (or maybe OO 3?)

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Guess that’s a no…

This feature is a must. When selecting checkbox , the strike through should be reflected for the row.


It’s a bit bizarre that there’s no strikethrough on iOS. I have edited some lines with it on the Mac, and then I can’t do that on the iPhone.

Can anyone from Omni comment on what the story is behind it not being available?

Strikethrough wasn’t an option on iOS in the early days. It is supported now and we just haven’t got around to adding it as it has never been requested enough to make it on the list.

I would’ve thought a parallel feature set between iOS and Mac would’ve been enough of a reason to add it (especially when strikethrough has a giant button along side of bold and italics), but… oh wells. Hopefully it gets added soon! Thanks…

+1 for keyboard access to strikethru formatting on Mac

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Strike that ;-), I’m in OO5, I see easy-enough access in the Inspector

Yay, thanks for adding it! :)

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Yes, please add an shortcut. Inspect option is good but it is not fast enough if you use Focus Mode.

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Is there an established shortcut for strikethrough commonly used in other apps?

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Yes sometimes it is “Shift+Command+X”

Will it be added soon?

If you were talking about Markdown there isn’t a standard one. Some extensions have their own.