Strikethrough Shortcut Mac?

Hello people,

I am new to OO. Is there a way to assign the strikethrough a shortcut? I can do it with the Inspector, but there is no shortcut function in menubarbar or in the keyboard shortcuts in the OO settings.

Would be glad for Help or a workaround!

Have you considered using Styles? You could create a style that only adds a strikeout to the selection (but there are other options in the Selection Style inspector, e.g. colouring, double-stroke, spaces between words). If it’s one of the first document styles, it will be assigned a function key shortcut. Then, you could save that document as a template and it would be in any future documents as well.

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Dear Mockman, thank you very much for this tip! Event the OF Support didnt mention it. I will try it out later when I have time. But as a fast question: "Lets say my text is pre formatted. Will the applying of the format which only includes strikethrough delete all the other formattings as well?

It shouldn’t affect anything else. The way the styles work in OO, one doesn’t affect another (unless I guess they contained the opposite format, e.g. turn strikeout off). You can always have the inspector open and look at the Style Attributes at the bottom and observe what changes occur as you toggle the style on or off.

Funny… I’ve been avoiding strikeout for years because I found it irksome to use. But recently I was doing something that I really wanted it for and so I started reading any posts here that discussed the issue. I tried some various things, and each got me thinking a little more and when I saw another style in my own document, it got me thinking of using that mechanism. It’s kind of obvious now that I think about it :) I haven’t played around much with it yet but it works fine for me so far. Wish I’d thought of it earlier.

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I use strikeout, when I am planning a big project which also has some little todos, which I dont want to import into OF, bc it wouldnt make sence or I would loose focus. So I use strikeout to strikeout those little tasks, but I still want them to be there in my project Outline, to see what I have done so far. I will try out your suggestion, but still I don’t get why Omni isnt implemneting a simple shortcut for this?

I think I read somewhere that they don’t actually get a lot of requests for the feature. Most people get along with out it as the big three (bold/italic/underline) are enough.

To be honest that is not a real argument for me. After paying so much money for an outlining tool I could expect that… I mean they even have an extra shortcut preference… Anyhow I will not deal with this and start to work…

Thank you very much! I had to find out that I had to go to the side bar and create a new style to this and saw that I could arrange the style to have the desired shortcut: F1, F2, F3 and so on. So I chose F1. Then I went to the App Better tocuch tool and said that the shortcut (Shift, Control, X) should Trigger F1. And Voila strike through has the same shortcut on all of my Mac apps now. Thank you.

But the real question is: WHAT THE HELL? Omni why are you making it so hard to assign a dedicated shortcut for strike through? I guess they are afraid people could replace OF with OO. I really dont understand the logic behind this. I mean OO is a writing tool and all good writing tools have the option to assign a shortcut to strike out text…

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